MayaDate® - Program Features

  • Complete: MayaDate® supports all ten calendric periods, providing a calculation range of ±20 Hablatuns (±25,250,000,000 years)!
  • Versatile: MayaDate® displays modern dates in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars as well as direct display of the Julian Day Number.
  • Direct Entry: MayaDate® accepts direct numeric entry of Base Dates in Long Count, Decimal or Julian Day Number formats. Distance Numbers can be entered as Long Count or Decimal numbers.
  • Configurable: MayaDate® supports the standard calendar correlations, but also allows you to define your own, both Long Count to modern and Long Count to Calendar Round.
  • Accurate: MayaDate® uses an enumerative method to generate modern calendar dates, not an algorithm that is subject to round-off errors. Only integer arithmetic is used throughout the program so there are no floating-point errors creeping in. This insures day-to-day accuracy even at 25 Billion years!
  • Find-A-Round: Calculates the Distance Number between the current Base Date and the previous or next occurrence of a given Calendar Round date.
  • Walking Rounds: A simple mouse click will move you ahead or back in 18,980-day (52-year) increments to find the prior or next occurrence of a given Calendar Round.
  • Alternate Spellings: Both traditional and modern spellings for all periods are available.
  • IT'S FREE! MayaDate® is free to anyone. Just read the copyright notice in Help|About and don't try to modify it.
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