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Download MayaDate®

The MayaDate® version 4 program files and documentation can be downloaded here.

This file includes the e-book version of the User's Manual. The PDF version can be downloaded below.

Download the file to a temporary directory.
Execute the file to extract the installation program in that directory.
Run SETUP.EXE to install MayaDate®.

Download the EXE file (3388 KB)
You can also download the User's Manual separately if you wish to review the program features before deciding to download the entire program.

The User's Manual included in the standard distribution is an e-book which is an executable file. This brings up a display which looks like a web browser. Navigation within the Manual is via hot links and standard browser buttons. This is all self-contained and does not require any browser on your system.
You can also download a PDF file for printing.
Download the e-book (421 KB)   |   Download the PDF file (1,921 KB)
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